On The Good Trade: Ethical Winter Wear

January 15, 2018

The following is an article I wrote for The Good Trade magazine to bring together two of my passions, the outdoors and social justice. To read the full article click here.

Ethically-Made Winter Gear

Finding winter clothes isn’t hard. Especially when you live in a place that gets cold during the winter. But, when you add fashion-forward and ethical to your list of requirements for your winter clothes, you’ve just created a whole new dilemma.

As someone who grew up in the snow (I was born and raised in a small town outside of Denver, Colorado), I know about the cold. I understand being cold even more because I didn’t learn how to dress for it until a few years ago. When it came to my winter clothes, fashion was always the most important thing, that and being cheap (don’t hate me, I’m a recovering fast fashion addict). But when a cheap price and looking cute were the only criteria for your winter coat, you were cold all winter long. That’s just how it works.

I know better now. While aesthetic is still a high priority on my list, not being miserable is even higher and shopping ethically sits at the top as well. For that very reason, I’ve started looking into the winter gear that will get you through the winter, looking good and feeling good. Now those snowshoeing trips, ski trips or even just trips to the grocery store will be something you can look forward to!

Cover The Head

If your mother never told you, you lose the most heat from your head. Finding a hat that covers your ears and fits snuggly on your head will make all the difference when the temperatures drop.

My favorite hats come from Krochet Kids, a brand I’ve been following for years and love what they stand for. They provide job opportunities for women in need in Uganda—each product has the woman’s name who made your product in it so you can go online and learn more about it. It is an amazing way to connect with the people making your clothes even though they are halfway around the globe. While Krochet Kids started with creating hats, they’ve moved on to creating an entire line of clothes that are all just as high-quality and beautifully made as their hats.

Gloves For Giving Hands

My hands and feet are always cold, bad circulation so I’m told. I have 3-4 different pairs of gloves I use throughout the winter all for different uses and always at hand (or should I say on hand?) Having a high-quality material for your gloves will keep your hands warmest. Depending on what you are doing will decide the type of glove you need.

For outdoor adventures like snowshoeing, skiing or snowball fights you’ll want to make sure you have a waterproof glove like the Outdoor Research Arete Glove. Created by a company that is dedicated to living a life of adventure with quality gear.

Or if you just need a good driving glove and something to stay warm in the crisp air, then Patagonia’s fleece gloves are always a great choice. Dyed with low-impact processes that reduce energy and water use, Patagonia is always a reliable company for quality, ethical outdoor clothing.

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