One Size Never Fits All

July 31, 2018
Katie Leigh Hutt

When I was growing up the Popcorn shirt was the shirt of the decade. A shirt that looked like it could fit a doll on the hanger but stretched to fit any person. It came in a shiny assortment of colors, most often with multiple colors and everyone loved these shirts. It was the epitome of one-size-fits-all.

But let’s be honest.

That shirt didn’t fit everyone, nor did it look good on everyone. (Some would say it didn’t look good on anyone).

One-size-fits-all doesn’t exist. We, as the human species, are so vastly different that there is not a single thing that will work for everyone. That’s just reality. 

So often we see products or lifestyles advertised promising you the happiness you’ve been looking for, the answer to all your problems. They describe something that worked for Joe as something that will work for you (if Joe is even real in the first place). The diet you’re on, your workout routine, an individual’s religion are all just that, individual. There is no one formula that will work for you and for me. There is science, faith and understanding but that still doesn’t fit all. You might be great eating a spoon full of bee pollen where as I had to go to Urgent Care and get 4 shots in my bumb (true story).  

When we hear of a “diet” (a word I personally hate hearing) being THE diet, the one that will get you to lose the weight and finally love yourself (not true) we have to take it with a grain of salt. My body is different from other bodies and may not react to this diet the same way. This philosophy really goes with anything that’s out there – Medication, diets, exercise routines, fashion trends, religious beliefs, meditation practices, morning routines, TV shows, movies, etc. 

Your journey in this life isn’t about finding what works for other people but listening to your own body, listening to the voice inside of you and learning more about you. When we answer to that voice, we learn a lot. And when we stop listening to the society around us telling us what is good for us, we might actually start feeling good. There are people you should trust, but just because they were on TV or have a Ph.D. doesn’t mean they automatically get my trust. Just like anyone else they have to earn it. 

Science is a great way to start with the body. Understanding how foods work with your system how the systems works together and what nutrients do for you. Then you have to figure out what actually works for your system. Nutrients that are in peanuts don’t work for a lot of people therefore they get those nutrients elsewhere. And this example is just with the body, but the same goes for religion, listening to spiritual leaders and then taking your own path. The media you choose to digest is another proponent that affects us. I personally, can’t watch violent TV and Movies, they bring me into a depression for the days following and I’ve found my life to be so much better without them. 

Your journey to figuring out what does and doesn’t work for you will be time consuming and exhausting. It’s a journey that lasts most of your life. It’s all about testing new things, paying attention and finding the things that bring you to life, mind, body and soul. 

But this journey shouldn’t be one you are scared of. It’s amazing to find out what triggers you, what makes you feel sick or sad, because then, you can avoid those things. You can take control of your life and pursue the things you know bring you joy and make you feel your best and then every day is a little bit brighter. 

While the one-size-fits-all approach is easy, it won’t add the kind of value to your life that finding the individual size that fits only you will. Here’s to embracing a life different from the rest and best for you! 

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