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Get clear in who you are as a brand, who your client is, and how to successfully implement this knowledge into your marketing all for a fraction of the price I charge my 1:1 clients.

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As a brand strategist, I've worked with a number of brands and all of them have one thing in common–they're missing clarity in their brands.

From understanding who you are and what exactly you sell (I'm talking about the story you sell not the tangible product) to understanding who your SPECIFIC audience is. If you feel the slightest bit hazy about any of these things, your marketing is suffering.

That's where my online course, Brand Clarity, comes in. 2+ hours of content to help you get clear in your brand so you can connect with your customers and grow the brand of your dream. Ready to get clear?

Brand Clarity Online Course

Brand Clarity was made to cover all the key tools you need to get clear in your brand, know your audience, and implement what you learn into your website, emails, and social media.

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    Making Changes
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Whether you're a brand new business or have been around the block, this first section is all about getting clear in your brand. From identifying an archetype that fits your brands personality to creating brand guidelines for your team. You'll have a clear understanding of who you are and what fits into your brand identity.

EVERYTHING about your business revolves around your customers. It's NEVER about you. So knowing whom exactly you serve is the most important thing you can do in your business. I'll walk you through building a customer profile, discovering pain points, and putting this tools in action.

Clarity Call

We'll bring together your brand clarity and your client clarity into a one-liner that you'll use in all your marketing materials, tell it to strangers, and share with your staff. Having an easy to remember one-liner that highlights all the important parts of your business will change the way you talk about your brand!

What is a brand strategist

If all I taught you was what you need to do without showing you how to put it into action, I would be leaving you hanging. I'm here to make sure you build the business of your dream, so of course, I'll walk you through ways you can take what you learned and apply it to your website, social, and email newsletters.

Types of Email Funnels

Last but not least, I give you some quick tips on what to do if you make a change in your business, decide on a rebrand, or completely shift what you do and sell.

15 Videos - 2+ hours of content
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Clarity in your brand