The Stats Prove The Power Of Photography In Marketing

February 15, 2018
Photography in Marketing 2018

As a photographer, I can see the abilities that photographs have on the brands I work with and the people I’ve photographed. But as a marketer, I can’t begin to explain the power and use that photographs have in marketing. Every brand I’ve worked for or with, I’ve educated on the importance of high-quality photos that match their company and tell their story. Whether you’re starting off on the cheap and looking for stock photos, or making the investment you deserve and getting custom photos for your marketing, having clean, clear and beautiful pictures will make all the difference when it comes to your customers.

I could go on and on about looking good as a brand or having something that you’ll be proud to put in front of your audience, but in the end, the numbers behind good photography in marketing are what’s going to make all the difference to you.

Let’s start with social media. There are over 3 billion users on a social platform, and on average those 3 billion users spend 2 hours looking through feeds, finding new products and getting inspired by brands. Tweets with images get 150% more retweets while Facebook posts with images get 2.3x more likes.  These statistics are just the beginning of all the benefits that images can bring to your marketing plan.

When it comes to engagement, photos with people will get an average of 38% more engagement, 60% of customers are more likely to purchase products when images show up in their search results, and 94% of articles with images get more views. All this engagement doesn’t even touch the amount of information retained by using images. Personally, as a visual learner, images have always held more value to me. But what was shocking to me, in researching this topic I learned that you hold onto 65% more information through visuals than text. Even more amazing is that 93% of communication is “said” non-verbally and therefore more can be said through an image than through writing.

If none of these have you convinced that photography is your most useful tool in marketing, then let me leave you with these last few numbers. The brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than through words, on top of that when a customer is reading your marketing materials the majority of them will skim, only reading 28% of all that you’ve written. If instead of using text-heavy eblasts, brochures or social posts you used photo focused marketing materials you can show off your products, reveal the lifestyle of your brand and educate your customers in a fraction of the time and with less effort.

I cannot stress it enough what the power of images does for any business. As a photographer and marketer, I know that the most successful brands have found ways to use photography to tell a story and create more than just a business. Each image works off the last inspiring their followers and educating their customers. When you invest in photos, you are also investing in growing your brand and impacting your customers. It’s time to take the next step to build the brand you’ve always dreamed of. Take the leap and invest in your photography through my low-cost packages, made for small and new companies just like yours. You’ll get the photos you need to impress customers on social media, make an impact on your website and create the marketing plan your business deserves. Now all you need to figure out is what story you want to tell; I can help you with that! Learn more about my low-cost photography packages here.

Photos in Marketing Stats 2018