Implement Photos In Your Marketing Plan

December 21, 2017
We’re all doing it. Sitting down and thinking about what we want next year to look like. It always happens during the last few weeks of the year. We contemplate our goals for the next year, where we can be better people, what we want to give up and so on. I love this time of year for exactly this reason, and I’ve been doing so much soul searching and thinking about my own life.

When you’re a business owner your business plan is often the thing you spend the most time thinking about. It’s how you break down different categories and show how to grow in different areas. The place with the most work, which I assume is true for you, is a marketing strategy. Marketing is broken down into many of its own parts including your website, collateral, social media, and advertisements, all of which require having jaw-dropping photography to grab the attention of your customers.

The visuals that represent your brand are the first impression of your company. I for one will leave a website in less than a second if it doesn’t look good. The reason for this is that I don’t believe a company is taking itself seriously unless it’s showing itself off in the best light. It’s those little details that show you know what you’re doing and you have a product that is worth looking at. Investing in your business means that you believe in it enough for others to invest in too. That’s the hard part, you’ve got to spend money to make money.

While there are plenty of places you can save money (free social scheduling sites like Planoly or Hootsuite) when it comes to the look of your company it’s something that you should find the money to invest in it. Having high-quality photos will make your proud to share your business with potential customers or investors. It shows that you mean business but most of all it will provide a story to tell your customers. It lets them see the life they are about to embrace if they just had your product. Photos are the key to helping connect with your audience and grow your business.

Jasmine Star, a marketing and business expert who was also named one of the best wedding photographers in the world, talks about the importance of photos in this video series. Check out her tips and knowledge on the power of photography and how you can better be using it in your own business.

I know there are a ton of things you could spend money on to invest in your brand and my suggestion is to invest in your branding – logo and website – and photography. Pictures are worth 1,000 words and when you have someone who knows how to frame your product in just the right way, your story will be going further. You’ll need them when the magazines want to showcase your products, better photos will help you grow your social presence and make your website stand out even more! High-quality photos that tell your story make all the difference. Show off your Indiana Jones style with photography that goes way past an iPhone and helps you reach your audience and grow, sustain, or scale your business. Are you ready to take the dive? Let’s tell your story.


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