Date Night: Picnic

May 30, 2020
Date night doesn't have to be glamorous, a simple picnic with a great view is all you need

The dream: A beautiful wooden basket with a red plaid blanket. A meal that looks like a personal chef came over to cook for you. Dishes that are pristine and beautiful with a place in your basket to easily store glass including champagne flutes for a toast to the two of you.

If you have the ability to make a picnic look that good, then why the hell are you reading this? Girl, you’ve got skills that I can only dream of and a registry that really filled your every need. For the rest of us, odds are you don’t have half those things in your dream picnic scenario. The truth is, you don’t need them. This is what you need for a picnic date:

On you Picnic date don't forget an epic view!

Picnic Packing List

  • Great food – store-bought or homemade
  • A blanket – any color or texture you like
  • A basket – or a Trader Joes bag
  • An amazing view – the mountains, the forest, the beach, the park, your backyard
  • Your boo

It’s really that simple. A picnic date isn’t about creating a set for a Vogue photoshoot. It’s about creating space for you and your man to be together and connect. The best way we know how to connect is with nature and great food. So we pack lunches and drive to the lake we love in the mountains. Or we make a meal to share every day at lunch on the back patio during the summer. Hell, even in the winter you can lay a blanket on the living room floor and make your own picnic. (Turn on Planet Earth for the great views).

The key to date night is simply being together and this picnic date is no different. Take the pressure off having to do it perfectly and instead choose to do it together. Cook the food together, pack them back together, drive to your perfect spot together, be together. That, my dear, is the secret to the world’s best picnic date, champagne glasses optional.

Husband, pup and a basic picnic on a bench.