Building Confidence With Plastic Free July

July 7, 2020
Plastic Free July

I walked through the aisles of target and almost had a panic attack. The overwhelm of what lies ahead was too much. Everywhere I looked I saw plastic. When I considered trying to reduce the plastic in my life it seemed simple, until I realized that everything we interact with and buy is made of it. Then we picked up our groceries from the curbside pickup and the anxiety came back. Between my groceries and the bags, they were sent in the guilt ate at me. Plastic Free July was going to be impossible, let alone being plastic-free in general.

What I often have to remind myself whenever I get into one of these challenges or changes of life, is that everything happens in small steps. Of course, changing the whole way I’ve interacted with products in the past would feel daunting, it is. But I don’t have to do it all. The goal is not to have one person do it perfectly, the goal is to have many people doing it imperfectly and making an impact together. It all comes back to community.

The goal IS NOT to have one person do it perfectly, the goal is to have many people doing it imperfectly and making an impact together. It all comes back to community.

So this Plastic Free July I’m in the process of learning about my habits and finding new products to exchange my plastic heavy ones. Between budget and access, there are some things that I won’t be able to replace. But just being aware has a lot of power. So let’s start where we can start.

Simplifying Going Plastic Free

Start small and grow. It’s a good rule for any new project that you’re starting. I often feel overwhelmed and guilt-ridden anytime I’ve decided to change my habits to go alongside my values. Here is the reality; you won’t do it perfectly. Change takes time and you’ve lived your entire like doing it differently so give yourself grace.

I’m at the beginning stages of living a more sustainable life (welcome to my journey). I’ve decided to start in one area of my house at a time. Right now, the easiest replacements I can find are in the bathroom so that’s where I’ve started. I’m switching to reusable and plastic-free feminine products like the Diva Cup or Glad Rags. For the times when you really need a disposable liner (Like when you have an infection) I’ve started using these plastic-free, natural pads and are amazing. I’m also switching to shampoo and conditioner bars.

Small steps, every day, will change the world. At the very least, they’ll change you.

Find Amazing Brands

When it comes to being sustainable we have to think about shipping and packaging just as much as we think about the product itself. For that reason, if you can find local options that fit your plastic-free needs, by all means, go with that. Most cities have some sort of bulk store where you can bring your own containers and fill up on your most commonly used household products. However, if you live further from the city or just don’t happen to have one of these then check out my list of go-to plastic-free companies I’m finding.


A shark tank company that provides you will glass bottles and a table with your needed cleaning supply. Just add water. Refills are pretty inexpensive and will go a long way. I’ve heard great things from friends around this brand and am hoping to invest in these products myself. I also think the start set ($69) would be a great gift for anyone you know that hates plastic or is interested in becoming more sustainable.

Package Free

Think of them like the sustainable Amazon. While they don’t have everything, they do have a lot. From beauty products to household products to cute Zero Waste Kits that make great gifts. If you reach out to them with questions on Instagram they are great at getting back to you.

Goldilocks wraps

These are on top of my wishlist when I start going plastic-free in our kitchen. Forget needing plastic wrap or ziplock baggies. Instead, these wax coated pieces of fabric fold-over food or bowls to keep your food fresh without being wasteful!

Farmers Market

During the summer, this is the best place to get what you need for your home without the plastic. Bring a reusable bag and support the local business in your area. You’ll also find new brands that you’ll fall in love with and can purchase online or at a local shop during the rest of the year. Plus it’s a fun day with the family.

The most important thing to remember is that you won’t win this battle overnight. We’re making big changes to our lives and we want them to last. That means practicing every day. Notice the things you use and purchase and when possible (accessible and in your budget) try and find ways to replace the things that don’t align with your values. Go one at a time as you need new products. Don’t just throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Small steps, every day, will change the world. At the very least, they’ll change you.

Stay confident my friends!