Podcast 4: Creating a Client Profile

August 19, 2020
Creating a client profile for you sustainable brand

If there was one thing I would make sure every brand has it’s a client profile or ideal customer avatar as some call it. It’s easy to think that we know who our perfect customer is but until we have it written down on paper you’d be amazed at how vague most marketing strategies are. And that’s why this one document is so important. It is the basis of your entire marketing strategy. After all if you don’t know who you’re serving how do you know where to show up, what to say and what content to build that will keep them coming back for more?

Today on the podcast I break it down to all the ingredients you need in the recipe of a client profile. I go into detail on the 4 parts of a client profile including

  1. Who they are
  2. How you serve them
  3. What questions they have
  4. Where they are showing up and engaging.

It all seems really simple because, it is. Creating a client profile doesn’t need to be hard. And there are a million ways to go about doing it. The key point is that you need one. And once you have your ideal client profile created you can easily ask the question –does my future customer care about this content I’m about to publish? Are they going to connect with it? Will they engage? and most importantly, is it helping solve a need they have whether it be a pain or pleasure point?

That my friends is the whole purpose of this amazing document. When you feel stuck or aren’t sure if something feels right for your marketing you can go back to this little sheet of paper and know the answer. And when you hire on a marketing strategist it’s that much easier to get them (or me!) on board of who you’re marketing to so that they can help make those connection.

Take a listen and start working on your own client profile. If you need help getting started feel free to download mine here!