Poser Syndrome + The Cure!

April 19, 2018

We all feel it.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what gender or race you are if you are human then you’ve felt like a poser at some point in your life. It comes with the territory.

The feeling that everyone is looking at you. That “they” all know you have NO IDEA what you are doing! We’ve all been there. Hell, I live there. Just bought myself a permanent house there with a view. 

The reality is, is that when we start something new and break free from our comfort zone, we are uncomfortable. There is always a learning curve, and it’s our job to ride it as we did in Mario Kart. 

I could list a million times I feel like a poser and still do. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with skateboarding lifestyle but couldn’t skateboard and was terrifying of hurting myself. I graduated high school early and felt like a baby walking the campus of my college. I started in the Marketing field with absolutely no experience and had read only a few books on it, dido for photography. I’m running my own business while having a full-time job and planning a wedding, all of which I’m never very sure if I’m good at. 

I’ve got poser syndrome. . . BAD! 

I care way too much about what other people think, and that’s the leading symptom. But I’ve also got the cure. It’s time. It’s effort. It’s education. The more you become educated and comfortable in the area you feel like a poser the less you feel like a poser. 

One month into college, I felt like I belonged. I never started skateboarding, but I like to hit up the skatepark every now and then to take photos. I work on my photography craft and learn more about marketing every day and know that this is where I belong. And the wedding? It will speak for its self in 2 months. 

Focus on your lane. 

Let go of what the people around you think or might say.

Do what you love and get better at it. 

That’s the secret to getting over your poser syndrome and starting to accept this new you. Personally, I think what you are doing is pretty great! I think you should go after all your dreams and build the life you’ve always wanted. If you need someone to remind you of that, I’m here, cheering you on. 

Feel free to reach out on Instagram or comment below and I’ll be there to remind you why you’re doing this. It’s your passion and you couldn’t imagine life without it. 

You’ve got this! 


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