4 Tips On Posing

June 5, 2019
Katie Leigh Photography

We all know that one person who looks good in every photo and we start to believe that there is just something wrong with us. We are obviously just not attractive. WRONG! Being photogenic is a learned skill. Like anything else it takes practice. Even Tyra Banks told the models in America’s Next Top Model to practice in front of the mirror. And as someone who takes a lot of photos of herself when she can’t find a model I can attest that over the years I’ve become a lot better at posing and being comfortable in front of a camera.

With years of practice of posing myself, posing models, and diving into as many books, tutorials, and lessons as I could, I have learned a few tricks of the trade to make you look better in photos. Practice makes perfect, seeing yourself in front of a mirror will help, but these four tips are a guideline to have in the back of your head when you freeze in front of the camera.

Let’s review what I went over in this video:

  1. Stand up straight
  2. Chin out, nose down
  3. Hands in your pockets
  4. Weight on your back leg

And here’s my bonus tip for you, know that you are beautiful and let that confidence shine through. I can honestly say that no matter your weight, your skin color, your hairstyle, etc. if you believe that you are beautiful, the rest of the world will believe it too. Confidence radiates out of people.

As a photographer, the hardest thing to see is someone (usually a woman) looking at a gorgeous photo I just took and hating it because they don’t see how beautiful they are. Seeing yourself the way your loved ones see you will always be your very best posing tip!

With these four little tweaks in your poses, you’ll be ready to pose someone for a photoshoot or look better in your next company shoot with me! Of course, if you’re working with me, I’ll have few more tricks up my sleeve to make sure you take home a storytelling photo you can’t wait to share!

Check out these before and after images side by side to see what a difference these tips make.

Posing Tips
Stand up straight
Posing Tips
Take your hands off your sides and try putting them in your pockets
Posing Tips
Put your weight on the back leg to move it away from the camera.
Posing tips
Move your chin out (away from your neck like the pharaoh dance) to add a shadow and make your jawline look sharp