The Only Tips You Need To Pose By Yourself

April 24, 2020
Capturing your photo, my tips to help you pose in any photo!

You don’t have to be the girl that always has her hands on her hips or the Will Ferrell of the group having no idea what to do with your hands in every photo. While posing may take practice it isn’t rocket science and with these quick posing tips you’ll know how to look your best and show off your best side in every photo you take (selfies included).

Stand up Straight

It’s an oldie but a goodie. A tall spine, clenched glutes, and shoulders rolled back now only make you look lean they also make you look confident. And honey, confidence is the number one thing we need when we’re getting our photos taken.

Distribute your Weight

First things first, whatever is closet to the camera will appear bigger. If you push your hips towards the camera you’ll look wider, if your face is closer it becomes bigger. For that reason, you want your weight to be on your back leg away from the camera and then push your hips slightly back too. I like more emphasis on my face and a little on my chest (I’ve got a small one) to make my proportions look a bit bigger on top, so I’ll lean forward just a touch too!

Unless you’re going for a certain look, don’t stand with your weight evenly between your two feet. It will make you look wide. Instead, put one foot in front of the other or bend your knee and point your toe. This creates the ‘S’ shaped lines that we know and love and will once again make you look smaller.

Give Your Hands Something To Do

Don’t be the girl in the photo with her arms straight at her sides, stiff as a board. Instead, you need to give you hands a task. Play with your hair, hold your jacket, adjust your jewelry, or put your hands in your pocket (thumbs outs). It’s rare that we see hands not doing something in life so when you take a photo make sure they have a purpose too.

Bonus: Reveal Your Waist Line

The smallest part of your body is your waist, therefore its the part of your body you need to show off. By having a fitted top/jacket, adding a belt, or even placing a hand at your waist you can show off where you’re thinnest and the eye will go straight there.

My dear, you are gorgeous just the way you are, but hopefully, these posing tips will help you feel as sexy as you are in every photo. Test out these tips in front of the mirror or practice taking some selfies this week and be sure to tag me in your posts, I want to see that confidence shining through!

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Engagement shoots, brand photography or just a good old selfie in your bathroom, we all want to know how to pose to look sexy and feel confident in every photo. Sister, I hear you! These 3 tips you can use in EVERY photo you take. Whether they’re photos you’ll hold onto forever or a funny one to send to your mom. Learn how to put your best foot forward (hopefully in a leopard print shoe) and show the world just how fabulous you are!!!! #DenverStyle #DenverFashion #303fashion #Lookoftoday #StylePost #WhatImwearingToday #DenverBlogger #bloggerlove #coloradoblogger #madeformore #confidenceiskey #gratitudeattitude #posingforthecamera #posingtips #brandphotography #engagementphotography #femaleentrepreneurs #womenwhowork #womensupportingwomen #womensupportwomen #womenhelpingwomen #womenownedbusiness #businesswomanlife #posesforpictures #beautifulinsideandout #lookgoodfeelgood #katieleigh

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