Posting The Same Image Multiple Places

May 3, 2018
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If there’s one thing we don’t have enough of we’d say it’s time.

Our to-do lists are long, our dreams are big and time is limited. There always has to be a creative obstacle.

This is when we take the photo we posted on Instagram and just share it to Facebook and call it good to get to the next task on our list.

There’s one problem with this. Actually, there are a few problems with this.

Share a photo from Instagram to Facebook doesn’t translate well. Each social platform has its own language so to speak, and Instagram and Facebook don’t share the same one.

The tag’s you add to your Instagram post or the hashtags you use won’t look the same on Facebook. And your audience that loves Facebook will see your game and stop following. They want you to show up for them.

Facebook also prioritizes native content to its feed, so your posts won’t see as many people.

Obviously, these are all things you didn’t want to hear, and now you’re wondering “Can I even post the same image to multiple platforms?” and let me tell you, friend, YES!

Get the most out of those photos you invested in. Share them everywhere, just make sure that they are native to the platform you are posting.

Take this post as an example:


I first posted this image I took on Instagram. I told the story of getting married and wanting to have a honeymoon somewhere adventurous. I then added all my hashtags into a comment and let it fly.

Posting the same image to multiple platforms


Here I posted the same image on Facebook and rewrote the caption with the same idea behind it. My goal with this image was to get some engagement and get a few new ideas for a honeymoon spot.
Posting the same image to multiple platforms

Here’s my secret to posting an Instagram image and then reusing it on Facebook. Once I use a photo from my Photos app on my iPhone on Instagram, I then move that photo into a new “Facebook Folder” and delete the original. This way I know I’ve used it on Instagram and I need to use it on Facebook. If you use something like Later to schedule your posts, it will automatically tag the images you’ve used so that you can filter based on which platform you’ve used a photo.

Then when I’m ready to post on Facebook, I’ve already got my list of photos to use. I can then use the same content in the caption or change things up and say something new.

Here is what you need to remember.

You might have the same people following you on Facebook that you don’t on Instagram or any other platform. Your content has to have some differences if you want them to follow you on everything, otherwise, what’s the point?

Your customer is why you do anything. Remember to think about them in your publishing process and really decide what it is they want to see. They are, after all, the whole reason you have this business.

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