Date Night: Pumpkin Carving

October 13, 2019

When I started my new full-time job it became clear that Clayton (my husband) and I weren’t getting enough quality time together. Between our two busy schedules, we were losing out on our relationship, which wasn’t something that either of us was okay with. We decided that each week we would have a date night. Usually Monday night’s, but no matter what 1 night a week we would dedicate to each other. No phones, no friends, just us together.

We didn’t have to go out or spend a lot of money. Often, we cooked together and would watch a movie cuddled on the couch. The important part of date night is to have time to talk. To tell stories from our days, to reflect on things we’re thinking about or share the dreams we’ve been dreaming. This is space to assess if we’re on the right track to where we want to go both personally and together.

While neither one of us are big fans of Halloween we do love to do things together and I’m always down for a craft project. This past date night we went back to our childhoods and carved a pumpkin together. I printed a stencil off the internet and together we created Felix the Fox that now sits on our patio and we light every night. Some nights we’ll just sit on the couch and stare at him watching the candlelight inside paints him different colors of red, orange and yellow.

Your date night can look like anything. But if pumpkin carving sounds like the perfect idea to spark some connection in your relationship, here are some tips to make your experience even better.


  • Pour a glass of wine and make a night out of it.
  • Ask each other about the traditions you had growing up and carving pumpkins
  • Share any stories you had about specific designs you’ve carved as a child or how your family decided on designs or pumpkins
  • Feel free to save the seeds from the inside of your pumpkin and bake them later as a treat!

Need a design for your pumpkin? Try one of these: The Fox, The Fish, A Ghost, A Funny Face, Mountains, and An Owl

If you haven’t used a stencil before the easiest way is to tape or pin the paper to the pumpkin with push pins. Then trace the stencil by making holes with push pins. Once you’ve traced the whole pumpkin you can remove the stencil and connect the dots with a sharpie. This makes it really easy to see the lines when you are cutting. If you have any sharpie remaining once you are done, you can remove it with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.

Once you’re all done, lite that pumpkin up and put it somewhere for the two of you to see or neighbors to enjoy!