Quality Over Quantity

October 26, 2020
Quality over Quantity in your business

In the last few years, I’ve transitioned out of my super saver ways and leaned into making purchases of quality. I’ve grown tired of having things break after only owning them for a few months or a year. I’ve witnessed how this lifestyle becomes unsustainable for our planet and in the long run our wallets too. So now, the goal is to purchase once and have it last forever. Quality over quantity as the saying goes.

The same has become true with my business.

Since the internet boom quality of content has gone down. New content has to be produced and distributed so quickly that people have stopped caring about how good it is. As long as it’s out there. Just listen to the majority of music out today or half the films we watch on T.V. Often, I’m craving those things that came out in the 90’s or before because the quality was so high!

I too want to create something that lasts. I want my work to be perennial. Even just a blog post that gets shared and reread over and over again because it applies in the long run and it adds value now. I want quality, not quantity.

This same philosophy spreads throughout my business. I believe in providing value. From FREE 30-minute intro calls to my 6-month 1:1 strategy program, I want to make sure that quality is the word you would describe your experience with me. This means going the extra mile with clients, giving away things for free, and doing everything in my power to make sure that the experience was valuable and pleasant. That’s what quality means for me. (I also wrote a post all about creating lifelong customers which is a part of this.)

For you, it could be a return policy that has your customer in mind. It could be a product so high quality that they never NEED to buy from you again because it really does last forever. (That doesn’t mean that they don’t still buy from you though!) It could simply be, giving away free content that will make someone’s life easier. Information that they would have to pay for anywhere else. 

Having a quality brand builds trust. It also builds community. Which is what we’re looking for. Lifelong customers that spread the word about our businesses. And it all starts with quality.