Reveal Yourself To Your Audience

March 1, 2021
Reveal Yourself to Your Audience

How much does your audience know about you? Not just what you sell or where you’re located but about what makes you tick. Do they know your favorite show or how your team likes to get together for a movie night (in real life or via Zoom?)

Marketing has changed a lot since social media was created. We no longer just want to see what you’re selling like the did during Don Draper’s day, we want to know about the people behind the business.

We, as consumers, want to connect.

I want to hear the story of why you started your business. I want to see the behind the scenes of you building your business. and Yes I even want to connect over the fact that we both love Dr. Pepper. (see what I did there?)

You may think that no one cares about your favorite foods or the fact that you can’t get enough of One Tree Hill even though you’re 35. But the truth is, your audience cares because they’re looking to connect with you. They want to get personal and know that you’re just like them.

AND it’s that small connect, the drinking the same drink or watching the same shows that keeps them coming back for more. It builds a small amount of trust so that when you’re ready to make the sell on social (only after providing A TON of value) they’re ready to convert.

Building connection with your audience is how you build lifelong customers. It’s as simple as that.

So as you plan out your social media this week, think about how you can get personal. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Share the pain points you faced in order to start this business
  • Talk about your weekend plans and how they relate back to your brand
  • Share the stories of your employees
  • Show off how you use your products in everyday life
  • Talk about how you can’t live with _____ to get through your work day
  • Showcase your personal community–your support team
  • Share how it feels every time you help a new customer

Of course, you always want these stories and bits of information to come back to the theme of your platform– Your business. So how do you share personal things and still make it relate to what you have to offer?

Here’s an example from my instagram account:

I’ve had a passion for philanthropy since I was a kid. I started volunteering for Invisible Children in high school when I would have screenings of the docs at my house and raise money through local concerts and art shows. To me, giving back is ingrained in my blood.⁠⠀
Even now in my business $25 from every photoshoot is donated to @CharityWater.
But I think there’s a little something that every brand can do to give back and make a difference. What’s even more powerful about this, is it’s a great way to grow your audience and build a following of people who are just as concerned with making the world a better place.⁠⠀
If you want to learn more about how you can give back as a brand and position it in your marketing, I’ve got just the blog post for you.⁠⠀

I talk about my childhood, something I’ve been passionate about all my life, I connect it back to what I do and a free way it applies to your business all in one post.

It’s that simple.

Get personal. Connect it back to your business. Ask your customers to engage. That’s how you build posts that will keep your audience coming back for more.

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