How To Review Your Year

December 29, 2020
How To Review Your Year

This year, we have been afraid for our health, taking measures to ensure that our immune systems are strong and our mental health is in balance. We’ve learned that community is integral to our lives and that maybe “the hustle” isn’t really worth anything. We’ve been pushed to reimagine the way we treat our neighbors and start to look inward about our own thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Basically, this year has taught us to stop and evaluate our lives in every way shape and form.

In ending the year, I’m asking you to do the same thing. To review your year and take stock in what did and didn’t work for you. Where you grew and where you have more room to grow.

As we finish out the longest year of our lives, it’s time to start getting intentional with the year ahead of us. Who do you want to be this time next year? What do you want to have accomplished? Most importantly, how do you want to feel?

Review Your Year

Every year I finish the year by answering a list of the exact same questions to compare where I’ve come year after year. These questions include things like:

  • Write down a piece of advice I’ve learned from this year
  • Describe this year in three words
  • What was Your biggest achievement?
  • What fears did you overcome?
  • Describe your relationship with yourself. How did you treat yourself, how do you feel about yourself now?
  • What piece of content (Book, film, showing, etc) impacted you most
  • What memory will you have forever?
  • What did you most enjoy learning?
  • What do you want to spend more time on next year?
  • What is your theme for this next year?

Year after year I plug in my answers so that I can see how I’ve grown through the years and what has changed. It’s a tangible way to see where you’ve been while you lay out the path for where you want to go. And it’s the easiest way to review your year as a whole.

Once you have a clear image of where you’ve been, you can better decide on where you want to go from here. Which leads you to step two: Creating Intentions for 2021.

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