Season of Change – What It Means For Your Business

October 12, 2020
Season of Change - Pearl Street Lights Candles

I anticipate Fall, the season of change, all year long. The shorter days, the rest that comes after a hectic Summer, the sweaters that have been hidden in your closet since May. For me, the slower pace of this season is like saying hello to an old friend.

We look at Fall as a season of change. It’s tangible to watch the colors change, to feel the temperature drop, and to smell the burning wood in the air from fireplaces being lit once again. But change is also in the intangible. The way we think and process things changes with this season which is why I love it so much. We’re ready to bunker down into the colder months and enjoy the creativity that comes with hibernation. 

That’s what this season is all about–Creativity.

It comes with thinking about how you want to end your year, how you want to start with the next year but I think it goes much deeper than that. This season is the chance for you to realign with your intentions, publish your values, and take stock if you’ve been living up to the promises you’ve made to yourself and your customers. Are you building the brand you’ve always dreamt of or have you gotten lost in the hustle? Are you creating something that will last or are you stuck in the corporate life of the “American Dream”?

As you slow down and the world slows down around you, you have space once again to check in and see if you’re on the right course. Did you take a wrong turn? If so, you can now adjust your path to ensure that you are building a sustainable brand that will change the world like you always hoped. Not one that will just make you a lot of money. 

Intentionality is a daily task. Tuning in. Checking to see where you align with your goals and values and adjusting if needed.

Embrace the creativity that comes with this season of change. But most importantly use it to build the brand of your dreams, connect with your customers, and change the world.

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