September 16, 2020
SEO basics on The Brand Strategist Podcast

Feeling like you’ll never get more customers to your website? Or maybe you just want to build the long game strategy to go along with your marketing budget. Whatever the reason, building our your SEO plans in your brand strategy is never a bad idea which is why I’m here to share with you my SEO basics. These 3 tips will help you navigate the secret world of your website and build the structure to make it easier for people to find you. Sounds pretty great right??? The best part is, that this only grows over time. SEO is a compound game, so the more you do, the more it works for your business!

Okay okay, enough of my chit chat. Listen now to my 3 tips to build your SEO on the SEO basics episode of The Brand Strategist!

SEO Basics Show Notes:

01:00 – Your brand strategy now and adding organic reach to your website
03:00 – What is SEO and why does it matter?
04:27 – Getting started on the SEO Basics
05:00 – Be keyword focus
08:00 – Backlinks, what they are and how to get them
09:17 – Page structure on your website
15:00 – How to build SEO centered content – Getting started

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If you have questions about SEO or if this brought up other questions about your brand strategy, leave them in the comments below! I’d love to answer them for you.