Magically Show up in a Google Search With SEO

March 29, 2021
SEO website optimization

I’m gonna come out and say it with the cold hard truth, because I care and want your business to flourish. Your website, marketing, social media, brand is NOT about you.

I know, that cuts you right in the heart. But it’s true.

This amazing business you’re building is not about what you want, it’s about what your customer wants. Better yet, about what your customer NEEDS. So when it comes to your website we need to make some changes.

It starts with your copy.

Write Copy For SEO

Yes, the words that you’ve re-written a hundred times and feel like you finally got down. We’re gonna go through them and re-work them…again. Because if you didn’t write your copy with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind, then you’re hurting your business and making it harder for your customers to find you (which hurts them too, right?!)

SEO is the way that Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck duck go, and any other search engine finds you. It runs through your landing pages looking for the keywords someone typed into their search bar to see if you are the page they’re looking for. And it’s looking directly for that keyword phrase in these few things:

  • Title of your page or blog post
  • Alt Descriptions of the images on the page
  • At least 3x in your copy, more if the text is long
  • In the subheadings throughout the page

You’ll also need these things to have page that ranks high in SEO:

  • A minimum of 300 words on the webpage
  • Link to a relevant outside source on this topic (someone else’s website)
  • Link to a relevant internal source on this topic (inside your website)

Choosing Your Keywords

And the most important part of all of this, is selecting the keywords that match your brand and your ideal customer. For this I think about what my customer might be typing into their search bar and then type it into my search bar. See what other sites pop up and what other keyword suggestions are there. You’ll want to use these keywords for separate landing pages or blog posts.

But here is the kicker, and I need you to listen closely.

Are you listening? THIS IS IMPORTANT!

You can only have 1 keyword phrase per page.

This isn’t Instagram where you get to throw down 30 hashtags. You get 1 (again for the ones in the back–ONE) phrase that is your focus for the entire page. Choose wisely and make it a good one. Because your customers want to find you!

Like I said, your business is about them. It’s not about you. Get inside their heads. Figure out what they’re searching for. What pain points do they need fixing? and then gear the language on your website to talk about that.

With these kinds of changes, you could just end up in the top of their search results ready to serve them.

Feel overwhelmed by the concept of SEO? Oh, honey I get it! Let me help you figure it out for your business Sign-up for my FREE 30-minute strategy call and get clear in how you can update your website to serve your customers (and bring in more customers!)