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Magic For Your Walls


I love having art on my walls that inspires and uplifts. Each of these prints was made to show you the magic in the everyday and to spark joy when you walk past them in your home. Find the print that speaks to you and adds some magic to your walls.
Grandma's Farm House Illustrated Print

Grandma's Farmhouse

Sailboat illustration print

Sailboat on the Ocean

Skater Girl Illustration Print

Skater Girl

Girl on a Train illustration print

Girl on a Train

Illustration Prints

Tropical Cafe

Flowers in Vase illustration

Vase of Flowers

Cuba Streets Illustration

Streets of Colorful Havana

Sunflower Illustration

Sunflowers in Vase

Fashion Illustration Print

Whiskey Cheers

Girl in Hat Art Print

Girl in Hat

Living Room Bar Painting

Living Room Bar

Magic To Give


Is there anything better than snail mail? I find it so special to get a letter in my mailbox that I didn't expect. With these sets of greeting cards, you can be sure to put a smile on your loved one's face and give them a piece of art to keep them inspired.
Travel Inspired Greeting Cards

Travel the World

Nature inspired greet card set

Back to Nature

Every Occasion Greeting Card Pack

Life's Moments