The Art of Small Business

April 15, 2020

There is a sense of wonder that occurs when you walk into a small shop for the first time and breathe in the smell of freshly poured candles and see little trinkets that bring a smile to your face. Whether you’re browsing around just for fun or looking for that perfect gift to bring to a host or celebrate a birthday, the little corner shop is the place to go.

I know personally, on a Summer’s day when we don’t have plans that heading to the nearest mainstream to grab a cup of tea from the local coffee shop and walk up and down the street checking in on boutiques and laughing in the general store is one of my husband and my favorite things to do. No matter how many times we’ve been to a mountain town or the main street just down the road, we love to stop by, say hello to the shop keeper and see what new and silly things they have to bring a smile to our faces. It’s also the time that we start collecting ideas for the next gift we need to give. Something a friend would have never thought to get themselves, a find they’ve never seen or a product handmade with such quality it’s hard not to fall in love with it.

There is a sense of wonder that occurs when you walk into a small shop for the first time

Yes, it’s the small businesses that bring us back to our roots and help us fall in love with quality and creation again.

It’s a common saying going around these days, “support small businesses”, and for good reason. In times of trouble, it’s always the little guys that take the biggest hit. It’s been true to see in every form of disaster whether you’re looking at those in poverty, children or the budding business with the dream of making a difference in the world. When times get tough these are the ones that take it the hardest.

As we continue to live through a time that will be marked in history it’s important that we see the things we care most about come through the other side of all this. For me, that’s keeping alive art and design, quality over quantity and most importantly character. All of which, are things I find in the small businesses I’ve come to know and love.

Whether you know of someone’s birthday coming up, want a pick-me-up for yourself or just want to stock up on hostess gifts for when this is all over, these small businesses are some of my favorites to support!

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August Uncommon Tea

My husband, Clayton, got me this for my birthday this year. Created by a husband and wife team who love their tea, they’ve created a sampler set which includes 10 flavors with 4 servings a piece for about $30. The best part is their descriptions on the back. This Rich Black Hazelnut Tea TASTES LIKE: nutella, french chocolate, roasted chestnuts, dark rum and FEELS LIKE: secret pleasures from the streets of Paris. This is a gift made for you or a friend during this stressful season.

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I’ve always had a sweat spot for East Africa and this brand has done an amazing job bringing the art of paper beads back to America. Tuli creates handmade accessories from artisans in East Africa supporting the homes of women around the world. Their gorgeous design and bold colors are the pop that your look needs this Summer and every season. Check out all this fair trade fashion brand has to offer.

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Pearl Street Lights

I discovered this amazing candle line at a marketplace in Denver. Their Tobacco Bay Leaf candle was everything we wanted in a scent and immediately became our favorite candle. Combine that with the woodwick inside so that it sounds like a fireplace and you have the perfect candle. These make a great gift for a birthday, to give to a host or to simply spoil yourself with!

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I don’t drink coffee but I love a good coffee shop. Especially when the beans are sourced from female owned and/or fair trade farms like many of the farms Kaladi gets their beans from. My husband being the coffee aficionado, can’t get enough of this local coffee shop. Check out their website and get educated on what makes a coffee bean perfect and then find the flavor you need to get you through the morning.

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Whether you’ve got a trip planned for later this year or just need a new bag for work, Sherpani has the best bags in town. We take their backpack and luggage on trips together and they not only work together to make moving around easier, they also have all the pockets, locks and protection you need to keep your possessions safe and stylish in their unique designs. Treat yourself to a bag you know you’ll use over and over again!

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Magnolia Journal

This may not count as a small business, but they have small business vibes and they bring so much joy to my heart. For just $20 a year you can get 4 issues of Magnolia Journal delivered to your door. I love giving this as a gift and having my own subscription too. Countless ideas, inspiration and minutes in the bath have come from this magazine and they hold the test of time as coffee table books for guests to look through too!