The art of Snail Mail

November 19, 2021
Nature inspired greet card set

Slow Living Through Letters

We all know that feeling of something unexpected arriving in the mail for us. Underneath the usual spam mail that gets thrown into our recycling bin is a crisp envelope with our name on it. Our first response is to see who it could be from and ponder the thought of why someone would be sending us something. Is our birthday approaching? Are they hosting an event? What magic could lie inside this tiny white envelope with my name on it?

That’s the art of snail mail. The vintage way of sending communications that still lights us up as it did 100 years ago. While we might get notifications and messages thrown our way all day every day, the slow pace of a letter all wrapped up in our mailbox provides something special. It shows intention and investment (in the rising prices of stamps, the stationery, and the time it took to send it). A message we get to grasp in our hands and unwrap with surprise doesn’t ask to disrupt our day but instead, to become present to this very moment when special words are being shared.

I collect stationery for this very reason, to send a letter any chance I get. Whether a birthday, buying a house, or just because I’m thinking of someone, I have a letter to send for every affair. I love using my own artwork on cards which is why I’ve created an assortment of greeting cards to share with your loved ones. A small painting that highlights the magic in the every day is the perfect way to show someone you’ve been thinking of them.

Living intentionally doesn’t have to be an outlandish experience. Living intentionally is more about living in the moment and being aware of what you’re doing. Snail mail is intentional living in action as you slow down to write to someone you care about. To pick a card that will lift their spirits and speak to their heart. To wrap it up in an envelope and carefully write their name on the front. Each step brings you to this very moment and reminds you of the love in your life and heart. But it does even more than this because it allows the recipient the chance to become present too.

Katie Leigh is a brand strategist and artist based out of Denver, Colorado. She has a passion for helping others learn to live an intentional life. From brand strategy to lifestyle blogging, to her art, she’s looking for a slower pace and wants to help others find that deep connection that seems to be missing. Follow along and learn to live life in the slow lane by getting stories + inspiration on intentional living in her weekly newsletter.