October 7, 2020
The Social Dilemma on The Brand Strategist Podcast

There is no doubt that we have a social dilemma. Our obsession with our screens is affecting our community, driving depression rates and even distorting our bodies. Even now as I type this I’m readjusting my posture because I’m being reminded that I’m slumped over my laptop and creating problems for my shoulders and spine. Technology, while an amazing gift, also comes with it’s curses and we’re seeing that with social media. But just because there are some problems we’re facing with this new way of life (after all it’s only 10 or so years old) doesn’t mean that it’s all bad.

On a personal level I’ve wanted to get rid of social in my life for years. But after taking a week off of it and really sitting with my thoughts and emotions around it and see that it can still be good. There are ways to use it for good and to strengthen my life but like all good things it needs boundaries. Just like we don’t drink until after 5 or limit the amount of sugar we have in a day, we also need a social media diet so to speak.

So today on The Brand Strategist I talk about the social dilemma and new approach to social and the limitations I’m putting on this technology to ensure that I stay productive, healthy and connected to the community around me. Take a listen and then in the comments below tell me how social media is working for you in your life!