Storytelling Marketing

August 24, 2020
Storytelling Marketing to grow your brand

Not every great story starts with “Once upon a time” or even “In a galaxy far far away“. But every great marketing strategy revolves around a story.

It’s a tool that’s as old as time. A way for humans to comprehend and engage with all that’s happening around us. Stories transcend cultures, generations, and most importantly, trends. They are the strategy that never goes out of style.

So how does this apply to your business? How on earth are you supposed to connect with your audience and change the world with your products and services? Through storytelling marketing.

Telling the story of the problem you solve to connect with your audience and empathize with their pain points. Sharing your personal story on your social media so that you become human to your customers. Telling the success stories that your brand has witnessed so that new audiences can build trust in you. And my favorite, using your overall marketing strategy as a storyboard to invite your customer in and allow them to be a part of something bigger. They aren’t just buying a fair trade sweater or [Insert your product here] they’re a part of something so much bigger. 

From your website to your email newsletters to your social strategy you can use storytelling to connect on a much deeper level. Invite them to become the hero of their own story. While you are their Yoda helping guide their way to success.

As you continue to head into the second half of 2020 and embrace the changes that are happening in every area of your life, start thinking about the stories you could tell. The stories that will connect with your audience and bring them in. Move your marketing strategy from sales to storytelling marketing.

We all want to be a part of something bigger. Some might say now more than ever. Take the time to get clear on the story you’re inviting your customers into and hone into that on your website, your blog, your social media, and your newsletter.

Begin by asking the questions “What problem do we solve?” If your customer (Luke Skywalker) is here, in pain (ready to become a Jedi and find his true purpose) then how does your brand get them to their dream life (defeating evil)?

Paint the picture (or even showcase the photo) of the life your customer is currently living and then reveal the life they could be living with your brand in hand. Whether that’s helping change the world with a sustainable product, or giving back to other communities with your one-for-one model, or even just highlighting the adventure that awaits them when they have the right tools in their pocket.

Your marketing mission is to tell the story of the pain and possible failures that are happening now (The whole reason a hero goes on a journey) and then give them a glimpse of what life will look like when they actually become the hero (guide to success with your brand.) That’s the power of storytelling marketing. It’s a journey with a beginning, middle and end, and hopefully some epic battle scenes in between. Because those always make the best stories.

Tell stories, connect, and help your audience be a part of something more than just buying a product. Start using storytelling in your marketing and see how it makes the different from just selling.

Not sure how to do this for your own business? See how I can help you get clear in your messaging and grow your brand. Schedule a free call with me today and let’s see how we can start improving your marketing!