Styling your photoshoot date

October 20, 2019

Her clothes were scattered all over the floor, the closet half empty and the sound of despair in her voice when she said, “I have no idea what to wear.” We’ve all been there before. Unsure what outfit will show the world how we feel inside or unsure of the outfit that will give us the strength to be who we want to be. Either one will be necessary for you as we capture your love story.

Instead of throwing your clothes around your room like an episode of the 90’s tv show Sister Sister, let me give you some tips in choosing the outfit that will give you confidence for your shoot and drive your man crazy!


The key to getting a good variety of images is to switch up your clothing so that the story feels like it’s moving along. I suggest that both you and your man come with layers to wear that can be changed up through the shoot. Jackets, flannel, sweaters, vests, scarves, and hats are all easy things to add and subtract and to carry along for different parts of the shoot.

If your love story is being captured on top of a mountain you’ll want to make sure that your layers very in weight to keep you warm at the top. Early mornings and wind chill can cause a pretty cold shoot and will mean hats, gloves and heavy coats are necessary to make it through.

Tailored around Bust and Waist:

Here’s the best-kept secret when it comes to photography. The waist is what gives the appearance of being thin. When we lose sight of the waist in a two-dimensional form, the width added by our arms or layers can make it appear that we’re much larger than in reality. The way to fix this is to wear clothes that are tailored around the bust and waist bringing the eye to the thinnest part of your body. From there, you can keep a tailored look all the way down or add a flowy skirt that flairs out and adds volume.

Wear your size:

If there was one piece of fashion advice I’d like to give everyone, man or woman, it’s to wear your size. No one knows the number on the label but they can see the way something fits, and you can too. Having a look that fits your body perfectly will give you more confidence than knowing the number on a label that no one can see. And when you look at the images that captured the personality of your love story, you’ll be happy you wore pieces that fit your body and made you feel sexy.

Pallet, prints, + patterns:

The colors you choose to wear should be based on your location. Red, light blue, orange and pink all look great out in nature. They stand out against the dark greens and browns of the grass and Forest. In the city, pretty much any colors go. And White always stands out, unless you’re doing a winter wonderland shoot. In that case stick with the bold colors.

When it comes to patterns, the bigger the pattern the better. Plaids are a favorite in Colorado but even floral patters can look great in photos. Just make sure that it’s not a small print but big and bold. It will really stand out in your photos.

When it all comes down to it though, the outfit that you put on that makes you feel like you can take on the world is the one you should wear. There is nothing more powerful than an outfit that turns us into the person we were always meant to be. An amazing dress, a sweater that fits just right or a hat that transforms us. Whatever it is, bring that to your date night shoot. It’s the way to drive your man crazy because what he loves most about you is how beautiful you look in confidence.

If you still aren’t 100% sure what to wear for your date night shoot, don’t you worry, I’ve got you, girl. Your shoot includes a 30-minute video chat styling session where I can help you decide on the exact outfits you should wear for your shoot. 

Look sexy. Feel Confident. And know that I am with you every step of the way.

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