Your Summer Basics

May 12, 2020
Summer basics hanging outside on the porch. Red Dress, T-shirt, flowy blouse

The smell of BBQ pits has started to fill the air. The leaves on the trees have finally bloomed and you can feel the temperature change minute by minute as you lift your face to the sun and let your skin start to brown. Yes, Summer has finally made it’s way out of the frozen barren that is Winter and is teasing us with a hello.

In the transition to warmer seasons, I always feel lost in my closet. Not that it’s a large room to get lost in, but I can never decide on what to wear. The transition out of layers has me staring at my closet lost in the simplicity that is Summer clothes. But not this year. This year, we’re going back to basics as I build a capsule closet that works for me year-round. This year, I’m going in with a plan. (How Enneagram type 3 of me.) These are your Summer basics.

White House Black Marketing floral shorts are your Summer BasicsObviously, it’s hot. That’s the great thing about Summer. Which means layers and long sleeves aren’t present often. Maybe on a rainy day or in the evenings of Colorado but that’s about it. So I keep things simple in my closet. I choose a color palette that works with me through all seasons so that clothes are easily mixed and matched and one shirt doesn’t only go with that one pair of pants. Black, white, grey, blue, red, and some fun patterns are my go-to color scheme. You’ll see these in 99% of my closet and I come back to them every time.

As far as pieces you need in your closet. The list isn’t long.

Summer Basics Checklist:
  • Shorts
  • White pants
  • Jumpsuit
  • Sundress
  • Jean jacket
  • Flowy blouse
  • T-shirt (in your signature color palette)

These pieces right here will already create 8 different looks. That’s assuming you only have 1 T-shirt. Add in a pair of blue jeans that fit you just right and a couple of skirts and you have an entire season of clothes to wear.

Jumpsuit, white jeans, and a jean jacket hanging on a fence with purple lilacs.

Aside from choosing pieces in your colors to make them go together, find pieces that stand out to you or add a pop to your wardrobe. For example, a great floral print in the Summer is always fun. These White House Black Market shorts are my absolute favorite and I get complimented on them all the time. Or this Draper James red dress that was my go-to dress in Cuba, adds some flirtiness to my look as well as some bold pop of color. Even my jumpsuit, while in my usual colors feels extra bold because of the fun pattern the blue and white make together.

Summer basics are the pieces you’ll wear over and over again this Summer. They’re easy to mix and match and you always feel good in them. If you’re standing in the mirror thinking, “I don’t know if I like this _____”, it’s time to get rid of it and find a piece that sparks joy. At least that’s what Marie Kando tells me.

Red Summer dress blowing in the wind while hung up


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