Show Off The Sustainable parts of your Sustainable Brand

February 18, 2021
Show off Your Sustainable Brand

When you choose to go into business not just to make money or serve your customers but to change the world, that’s something you should be talking about. Today, sustainability in business is growing and it’s an important message to be sharing. One that’s not just about increasing your revenue but about increasing health, wellness, and the life of our planet. As a sustainable brand, it’s time that you start showcasing the parts of your brand that make you so amazing!

Start with Your Sustainable Brand Story

Storytelling is one of my favorite things. It’s a tradition we’ve had since the beginning of humanity which goes to show how powerful it really is. You can think back at the movies and books you’ve consumed over the years or the memory of your grandpa telling you stories as they put you to bed. Think of the endless nights of “one more story” you asked for from your parents or the dream of reading to your own kids and sharing with them the stories you love most.

It goes to show that stories mean something to us.

This is why your story is integral to your business. What pain were you feeling? What was missing from the world that you started this business? And why did you decide to take the road of sustainability? The reality is that having a sustainable brand usually means you’ll stay small or that your expenses will be hired. So you aren’t just in this for the money. Your purpose is bigger than that, and that’s what your audience wants to hear. Use these questions to help you build out your story:

  • What pain point were you facing or what did you feel was missing from the industry?
  • What pain points did you face in getting started?
  • How have customers reacted to seeing your sustainable products?
  • Can you name the change you’ve helped create since starting your business? (Number of trees planets, number of pounds of plastic removed from landfills, amount of water saved)
Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

Share Your Customer’s Reactions

Testimonials are one of your most powerful marketing tools. Collect them, organize them, save them to use over and over again. Your loyal customers will talk you up and tell the world what makes you amazing and they’re sure to talk about the sustainable ways you’re changing the industry.

If you don’t already have something setup to automatically get reviews add it into a auto-mated email in some way shape or form. For Shopify there are easy free plugins to add to your page and allow reviews on individual products. You can also send an email that leads to your Google Business page and ask for reviews there. My favorite option is to create a Google Form with 3-5 questions that specifically acknowledge your ideal clients pain points and ask how your brand helped solve these. This will curate testimonials for you to use a thousand times over.

However you get the reactions, save them in a document and include them in as many marketing materials as possible. Put them in emails, add them to your captions, highlight them on your business card.

Testimonials are an easy way to show off your sustainable brand without having to do much work at all.

Partner With A Local Charity

I love brands that connect with local charities that have similar goals. If you’re a female based business, you might connect with a women’s shelter. A plastic-free brand might connect with a local clean water non-profit. And a clothing line might connect with a homeless shelter. It doesn’t matter what charity you choose, it’s about picking one and building a relationship with them.

By partnering with a local charity you can not only help them stand in the limelight by talking about your partnership but it’s an easy way to talk about the good you’re doing without feeling like you’re patting yourself on the back. Sometimes talking about all the good we’re doing feels forced or egotistical. When you’re sharing your story of good but doing it to emphasize a charity that could use more attention, it starts to feel powerful.

If you want to learn more about giving back with your brand and connecting with a charity, check out this post.

Make Your Message A Part of Your Brand

When I look to purchase from new brands I got to their about page and find out if they’re sustainable and what sustainable means to them. I want to find out what the purpose is behind their brand and if it aligns with my values.

Don’t make me dig for this information.

Include your message on your homepage, make it a part of your slogan and have it on every piece of branding you creating. The fact that you are trying to make a difference in the world is HUGE and should be front and center of your marketing. After all, marketing is about finding what makes you different and screaming that to the masses. Choosing to be sustainable and put your values ahead of profit, isn’t something to take lightly.

When I think of brands that use the message of their good I think of brands like:

  • TOMS who practice a 1:1 model with every purchase from their store. They even go so far as to tell you how many shoes have been donated and provide you with stories for the people this has impacted. This brand message makes me feel like I’m making a difference just because I needed a new pair of shoes.
  • The Package Free Shop is dedicated to eliminating the use of plastic and providing high-quality products that support your wellness. They’re a small company based out of New York and my favorite part of ordering from them is getting the box that says “This is not Trash” on the top of it. They encourage you to re-use or recycle anything that comes from their shop.
  • STRONGER is a women’s athletic clothing company that has a mission to help women embrace their inner strength. Their clothing was made to build confidence and they do it with minimal use of plastic

Don’t Be Shy, Share Your Sustainable Brand Story

Your brand is different. It’s standing out from the crowd and making an impact in this world. You’ve chosen people over profit and want to live a life building a sustainable brand that means more than just making money. Value and quality come first in your brand and that’s not something you see everyday.

Don’t be afraid to share what makes you different.

Tell your story, highlight what you’re doing differently, and invite your customers into the story by partaking in the change you’re wanting to create. The story of change should be front and center of your brand message. Everywhere I look I should know that your brand is making a difference. It’s not egotistical, it’s life-changing.

Be the change. Share the change. Highlight the thing that makes you different!

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