Practicing Thanksgiving Every day

November 30, 2020
Thanksgiving Everday

Where the mind goes, energy flows. This is the first step to practicing Thanksgiving every day.

This has been a constant theme in my life as of late. It could be because I’m in the middle of Yoga Teacher Training or just simply because I’ve been trying to be more mindful, living in the present, intentional. 

Whether I’ve been studying the Vedic philosophy of yoga or the Christian philosophy of the bible, or simply getting Rachel Hollis’ newsletter in my inbox, I’ve come to find a common theme–Gratitude. It’s a practice that is taught to bring us back to this moment and remind us of what is good in our life. It also changes the chemistry of our brain to be happier. 

So how does this possibly apply to your business?

Where the mind goes, energy flows. When we practice thanksgiving we change the way our mind thinks.  make our beliefs our reality. Or more simply put, we change the story we’re telling ourselves.

This might be a little “woo woo” for some, but stay with me because it has power. 

Gratitude has scientifically proven to change your mindset, and if you’ve ever worked with any kind of coach you’ll know that building a brand is 90% mindset. By stepping out of the chaos that is 2020 and seeing the things that went well, the lessons we learned, and the new possibilities we hold, we can approach 2021 with a new attitude. We can give off a positive attitude that attracts the same positives into our businesses. 

If there is one simple morning routine you could do each day for the rest of 2020 it’s to write down 5 things you’re grateful for. Be specific and look for them throughout your day so that you’re ready the next day with your 5 things. Try this for the rest of the year and see how gratitude can change your business in a more powerful way than the days right after Thanksgiving. Think of it as celebrating Thanksgiving every day.

Mindset is everything when it comes to your business. So what would change in your business if your mindset was focused on gratitude?

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