There’s an Imposter In Your Business

June 22, 2021
Imposter Syndrome

Bite Size Bits: Imposter syndrome is the number one way we fail at our businesses. Believing that we aren’t enough, we don’t have enough, or that there isn’t enough out there. Nobody knew what they were doing when they started their businesses, we all learn along the way. Drop the ego and take on the perspective of a student, it will take you further than you ever though.

There’s an imposter in your business and it’s not you. It’s imposter syndrome, and it’s your worst enemy. As one of the many forms of resistance you’ll face as an artist (someone creating something from nothing), it is one that often leaves us flat on our face wondering if it’s worth it to get up again.

It is.

The feeling of being an imposter simply means that you have more to learn. You are a student being molded, and in my opinion that’s the best place to be. As someone who doesn’t know an industry or the way a product “should” work, you get to be creative and come at it from a new angle. You get to solve a problem that’s probably been around for a long time.

Just look at Sara Blakely who started Spanx. An industry that had no female CEO’s or founder (ironic since it’s the women’s intimates industry). She face imposter syndrome, she faced not knowing the industry, and she met the needs of millions of women. AND she became the youngest self-made female billionaire.

With example like that, I know that you can do anything you put your mind, passion, and grit behind.

So the monster that’s sitting in your business, the monster name imposter. It’s time to let them go. Release them back into the wild because you DESERVE to be here! This place was made for you, and with your creativity and drive, you’re going to become the expert of this space, no longer the “imposter.”


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