My Favorite Photos

September 15, 2019

I can list out all the photos in my life that mean the most to me. The first being my grandparent’s wedding photos. Photos that they didn’t spend much on but that captured the beauty of an era and their love. They were the inspiration for the photos I wanted at my wedding.

As my grandmother gets older and my grandfather has already passed, its images like these, ones I wasn’t even alive to witness, that mean the most. They show me where I came from and remind me of a better time. (Plus the styles today just aren’t what they used to be).

My second favorite image is my mother holding me right after I was born. A point and shoot camera captured this moment, maybe even a disposable camera. She isn’t wearing any make-up (a cardinal sin in our household) but a genuine look of love washes over her face and you know that love at first sight really does exist.

Not every moment of your life needs to be captured by a professional. Sometimes the art of the camera you have makes for the best choice anyways. However, having someone who knows how to use light, composition and the art of posing will help you have more photos that you can’t wait to share. A confidence boost we could all use.

What’s even more important to me, is that you’ll have high-quality, gorgeous photos to share with your kids, and grandkids someday. Photos that will stand the test of time and remind you of the good ole days just like my favorite photos remind me. That’s the only sharing I’m concerned about.

What moments in your life do you want to be able to share? Let’s make it happen. Book your shoot today and never forget the good ole days.