Sharing Your Unique Story with Behind the Scenes Photos

September 18, 2020
Share your unique story with behind the scenes photos

Business is personal. Let’s start with that.

You’ve probably heard of the saying “This is business, it isn’t personal,” but in truth, everything about business is personal. And if it’s not, it’s time to take a deeper look at it.

When you look into the markets, you’re serving you’ll probably find that it’s a saturated market. In a global economy, every market is a saturated market. What makes someone buy from you and not your competitor? Connection. And how do you gain that connection? Your unique value proposition or Sharing your unique story.

That’s really the major difference between you and the brands that sell the same thing. It’s not that they have a better product, it’s that they’ve found a way to position their unique story in a way that connects with their audience and it’s a tool you can use too to make a bigger impact with your brand.

Sharing your unique story with behind the scenes photos like this one from Cuban Cigars

While there are many parts to your unique story, including how you got here, the mission behind your brand and the way your serve your customers. The part of your story I want to talk about is the behind-the-scenes of your brand.

Yes, the day-to-day that makes your brand. The things that seem trivial or boring to you but would light a customer on fire to know this is how the magic happens. So, whether it’s showcasing your warehouse, creating videos about the production line or highlighting photos of the people who make your product, these are the stories that build connection.

Behind-the-scenes photos that share your unique story at a distillery in Kentucky

How To Share Your Unique Story

Images that humanize your brand will always stand out from the rest. And understanding where something comes from is engrained in us. How else do you think podcasts like “How it’s Made” or shows about deep sea fishing have made so many seasons?

As a sustainable brand, you have even more ways to position your story to make an impact. Aside from telling the stories of the people behind the product, you can share the impact it’s having on the planet. How much water you’ve saved or the CO2 you’ve saved by your practices. Share how much plastic has been saved with your packaging. Give your audience a tour of what a shipment will look like coming them. What’s the process of making, packaging, shipping, and delivering your product, and what makes it different from the rest.

You have a unique story. One that makes your product different. What pain do you solve that you can focus on? How do you build your product? What makes you sustainable? Who are the people that create the products?

Behind-The-Scenes photos to share your story of a florist cutting flowers in the sink

In your day-to-day world it all seems mundane. You’ve talked about it enough or just lived through it enough that it no longer seems magical. But trust me, the magic that’s happening behind the scenes is what your customer will connect with the most.

Invite them in. Let them see the world that takes place in order to create your products.

If you want to go the extra mile, hire a photographer to capture all the behind-the-scenes moments. Use them on your website, in your blog, or even video content to share online. By hiring someone outside of your company you’ll get fresh new eyes who can still see the magic of what you’re creating. Schedule a free call now and let’s start dreaming up what your next photoshoot could look like, behind-the-scenes, and all!