Key Elements to a Great Website

April 9, 2019
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In a recent post, I broke down the two best places to build your website. The next step is actually creating the website. Having a background in graphic design and website design this has made things easier for me, but for most, you might need to know a few things to get started on your site. These are the main elements you need to focus on your website to make sure it looks it’s best and attracts the right customers.

A Great Template

Don’t go with the free template.

Let’s just say the designs are limited and everyone is doing it. Find one that really matches the look and feel of your brand. It’s a one time cost and is something that will bring back most of the revenue in your business.

GoLiveHQ is still my favorite place to get a Squarespace template. They do an AMAZING job of creating designs that are interactive and just plain pretty. If you’re on WordPress then EnvatoMarket is a great place to look around. My theme is specifically from Themeforest through EnvatoMarket.


Keep the Text Short

Words are important but nobody reads anymore. After you write all the text for your website, go back and cut it down by half.

No one is reading the words on your website.

Stick with bullet points and quick sentences. Your about page will have the most words and this page should be about how you can help your customers, not about the day you realized you were an entrepreneur.

If you’re struggling with this go to the library and checkout Storybrand. This book will change your website and your life.

Along with less text make sure there are only 4-5 things in your menu bar. People don’t like too many choices, keep it as simple as possible with as few clicks to get to the best pages as possible.


Showcase the dream you are selling with photos

You had to see this coming. I am a brand photographer after all!

Of course, your website needs amazing photos. That’s a no brainer. But let’s get a little more specific. There are 3 things your photos need on your website.

  1. They need to show off your product or service in a way that gets your customers dreaming about what their future could look like.
  2. Your customers need to see themselves in these images. What does this mean? It means whoever you think is your ideal audience – age, gender, race, interests – you should have models that look like them in your photos.
  3. Your photos should all have a similar look and feel to them. If you use natural light in one then have it in all of them. Are the colors bold and bright? Is everything in an environment or in a studio? All the images should have a similar feel throughout your website.

These three elements will give you the start to an amazing website but in my opinion aside from the design of your site, your photography is the most important part. It’s the selling point.

Photos tell a story faster than words ever will.

If you don’t have the right photos for your site – If they don’t tell your story, showcase your ideal audience and make your customers want a future with your product or service, then you are losing customers. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Make the investment in photography that will pay for itself and give you the website that will have even your competitors wanting your products. Prove you’re ready to start making an impact and grow your business with high-quality lifestyle photos by booking your next shoot.




Katie Leigh is a brand strategist and artist based out of Denver, Colorado. She has a passion for helping others learn to live an intentional life. From brand strategy to lifestyle blogging, to her art, she’s looking for a slower pace and wants to help others find that deep connection that seems to be missing. Follow along and learn to live life in the slow lane by getting stories + inspiration on intentional living in her weekly newsletter.