A Weekend Getaway on a Budget During COVID-19

May 11, 2020
Suitcase packed and ready to go for a weekend getaway

I still cry over our canceled trip to the beach. I needed it. I need the healing powers of salt water, the ability to breathe alongside the waves, and the ever-present stickiness of humidity to coat over my skin and tell my eczema to settle down. I needed the time away from our lives so I could dream of new dreams and think new thoughts. I also really need the pedicure the sand gives my toes from days of walking up and down them. I needed a weekend getaway. Or a weekend getaway. 

As the days carry on being stuck safe at home, I can feel the walls starting to close in. Even on a walk with the dog, I feel claustrophobic.  I need the chance to be able to see miles and miles in front of me. To have clear nature on all sides so that I actually have the space I need to process what’s happening and dream about what the new future could hold. For that reason, we’re starting to plan a weekend getaway.

It’s nothing fancy. Hell, it might even be a camping trip. But we’re brainstorming options of how to get out of our heads and our home so that we can change the mundane routine and get inspired by new views, that a find a good place to read our books.

Weekend Getaway Option 1: Weekend at the parents

It’s no honeymoon (Got, I miss Cuba) but a weekend in the mountains at my parent’s house is a great way to escape. My thoughts on a “getaway” of this sort are to go at it like you would go to an Airbnb for a weekend. During the days, we head out to the mountains to go hiking or to have a picnic around the lake. We stay away from the house as much as we can so that we really feel like we’re on vacation. Of course, restaurants still aren’t open so it’s either take out or making our own meals. At night, we can hang with my parents, watching movies and playing board games. Finding ways to connect with them in new ways and appreciate this time we were given by the Universe.

Weekend Getaway Option 2: Friend’s House

Stay at a friend’s AirBnB or at their house in a city over. This option is a great way to connect with old friends and feel a part of community again. Whether they live 1 hour away or 3 hours away, now is a time to get to see the people we haven’t seen in years as the “Stay at Home” orders are lifted. It keeps groups small but still allows you to get away for a weekend and feel refreshed. A couple more weeks down the road invite them to stay with you so they too get the chance to escape. Plus you’ll get another weekend free from routine and filled with laughs and memories.

Weekend Getaway Option 3: Camping

It’s the time of year where the weather is warm and nature is calling. Whether you have the supplies to camp in a tent, camp in your car, or set up your pop-up camper, this is the time to do it. Find a place that will give you views you’ve only dreamt of and leave all the electronics at home. It’s time to disconnect fully and see what nature has to offer. I highly suggest getting your campfires in before fire season starts and bring a camera with a tripod to take some starry sky photos. But most importantly don’t forget the s’mores!

Weekend Getaway Option 4: Day Trip

If you don’t have a good option of a place to stay the night or camping just isn’t your cup of tea then make it a day trip. Drive somewhere new and go exploring. Check out the parts of your state you’ve never been or go hike your favorite trails. Whatever you have to do to get away from your usual day-to-day is a great option to get the creative juices flowing and the inspiration pouring in. My favorite day trips are

  • To the park down the road to read a book in the sun
  • To any lake, I can sit under a tree and stare at
  • Hikes in the mountains
  • A drive in the mountains and sitting in the trunk of our car reading a book (We drive Subarus)
  • Just getting in our car and driving until we are lost – a great way to explore neighborhoods
  • The nearest golf course and watching people hit golf balls
  • Going for a bike ride either with nearby trails or just through the neighborhoods by your home. Try to get as far from your house as possible.

We all need a break. A place that different from our usual motions. As our routine starts to feel mundane and stale it’s time to get back to inspiration by changing our scenery and letting our minds explore. You never know what kinds of ideas you’ll come up with on a weekend getaway. They might even be the ideas that change your life.