Why You Need To Niche

March 4, 2021
Why You Need To Niche

When you need an electrician do you go to best buy and talk to the TV sales man? Or if you need a haircut do you talk to your nail technician? No. Why? Because they aren’t the expert. You trust the brands that are specific which is exactly why you need to niche.

We loyally follow our favorite brands because they know what they’re doing and they don’t try to be everything for everyone. They see their strengths, they know their customers and they build a brand that is loyal to those two things.

Does your brand do the same?

What Makes You Different?

I hear it all the time. “We serve everyone!” and while that might be true in not discriminating against anyone, that’s not true in whom you serve. Yoga may be for everyone but there is a reason that not everyone goes to the same studio. Each studio has specific pain points it solves. Like Core Power is focused on the workout while the studio I love is focused on women transitioning into motherhood and another studio might be way more focused on the spirituality of the practice. So while there is a style of yoga of everyone, not every yoga studio was made for everyone.

It’s important that you figure out what makes your brand different from the rest because this is also your biggest marketing point. If you’re clear in who you are, you’ll be able to find your audience and keep them for the long haul. To make a clear marketing plan, you need to niche.

One of the biggest reasons business owners don’t like to get specific is because they think they’re leaving money on the table. If you don’t say you’re for everyone, then there is a whole audience that you’re missing out on to sell to right? Wrong. By getting clear on what makes you different and whom you serve you actually build a stronger following with customers who will keep coming back for life. By staying specific and being the authority in your niche, people seek you out because you’re the obvious choice to solve their problem.

The best part about getting specific is, you aren’t saying that you can’t sell to everyone, you are simply spending your time and money on a marketing that you know you can serve. If customers who don’t fit your profile are converting too, that’s just a bonus!

Through The Specific You Reach The Universal

Here is what you don’t realize about getting specific with whom you serve and what you offer. Through the specific you reach the universal.

This sounds like some Yoda talk, but just hear me out.

When I talk about marketing, my dog, and my love for tea over and over and over again on social, I’m actually reaching 3 audiences. I know that all three of these things are of interest to my ideal client avatar so that’s why I bring them up in the first place. I’m also consistent so that I’m not talking about 40-million topics that could hit any audience. I stick with these 3 and put them on repeat. Now I’m speaking to people who are looking for marketing help, dog lovers and tea lover.

But how does a dog or tea lover help my business, you might ask? Because those audience might be thinking about starting a business and will think of me down the road. OR those audiences know someone who runs a business and share’s my feed with them.

Getting specific builds consistency and trust. And those two things are key to running a powerful marketing strategy and are why you need to niche.

Why You Need To Niche

Clarity, consistency and trust. All three of things come from brands that niche. When you are the expert in your field there is more trust. When someone has a problem they know right where they need to go. By being specific if what you do and whom you serve, you can create content that’s consistent with your brand.

We all have multiple passions in life. A list of all the things that bring us joy and get us excited. Just because you’re niching in your business doesn’t mean you can’t do all these things, it just means keeping them separate from this business. Have multiple social media accounts or websites. Know that the audiences are different and therefore your marketing channels need to be different.

But here’s the kicker, as you grow as an expert in your niche when you build consistency and trust, it doesn’t mean that down the road you can’t branch out to all the other things you want to do. Celebrities are known for starting as an actor and becoming a singer or director or skincare line. They branch out over time because life is more interesting that way and they discover new things about themselves and their audience.

So start with step one. Get specific in your brand. Get specific with your audience. Serve them like no one else can. Build up that following and when you see a new hole in the market, expand your brand or start another business.

When it comes to why you need to niche, it’s so that you can focus in on the most important parts of your business and serve your customers in the best way you know how. You don’t have to stay there forever.

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