You Can’t Go It Alone

June 8, 2021
You can't Go It Alone

Bite Size Bits: Having a support system is the only way to run a successful business. They are the ones that spread the word about your business and the ones that hold you up when you’re falling down. On your darkest days, when you don’t believe you can do it, they believe in you for you. Find your support team, build a network who can help support your brand, and love and care for them in return!

Three years ago today I was walking down the aisle into my future. I didn’t know at that moment, what it would mean to have a husband in my life. Yes, Clayton had been in my life for years. Yes, I couldn’t picture life without him. But I never knew what his love would mean for my mindset and my career.

Having survived a pandemic and spent every waking hour together for the last year, things could have gone one of two ways. Lucky for us we used each other as allies this year (with a few small fights in between). But I’m not sure where I would be without the support of a loving partner after s*** hit the fan last Summer.

I was the Marketing Director for a large yoga company in Denver. Things had been tight ever since we went into lockdown. There were no restful hours like so many of my friends got. There were long days, little weekends, and stress dreams that made me feel like I was in the Hunger Games (Katie Leigh, Girl on fire! and boy, was I putting out fires.) Then at the end of June, it ended. The business couldn’t survive, I couldn’t even think I was so exhausted and fears of what would come next and how we would pay for the mortgage we just signed up for all flooded into reality.

It took a couples weeks of self care to get back up and recover from the burn out. It took a lot of time processing everything that happened and getting over the waves of emotions that came with it.

It was the help of a network of friends and former colleagues who helped me get my business up and running. But it was the love and support of a husband who let me know I could run with this dream, I could finally work for myself like I’ve talked about for years. And in the end, that dream provided us with a better way of living and stronger finances than any other career has for me.

You can not go it alone.

The success of any career, life, adventure, you name it, rides the balance of determination, hard work, and a support system.

Build your network, provide value for others, love your family, and hold onto the people who believe in you. You’ll need them on those not so pretty days when you don’t believe in yourself.


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