You Can’t Have It All

December 14, 2020
Find Balance in Life and Business

You can’t have it all. Even Beyonce doesn’t have it all.

There is this idea flying around the internet that if you just did it right you could have it all. Be the perfect mother, run a successful business, look impeccable, have dinner on the table, make it to every family function, and anything else you’re trying to perfect on your to-do list.

Having it all is striving for perfection. Neither exists.

What does exist is balance and that balance is something personal. What works for me in balancing my life won’t work for you. It really comes down to aligning with your priorities and being present. So this is what I do to stay balanced.

How To Find Balance

1. Stick to your values + prioritize. The things that are the most important to me are the priority. Keeping this in check will help you organize your to-do list and stay on track. Taking care of my body, being with family, living sustainably, being of service. These are what my whole world are rooted in. Yours will be different. So get clear on what your foundational values are.

2. Let go of perfect. Done is way better than perfect. Showing up is way better than perfect. Instead of having to have the perfect website or the perfect outfit or the perfect house strive to get it down and go back to #1. What are your values and how is perfection keeping you there?

3. Make time for yourself. When you’re on an airplane they tell you to put your mask on first and then help others. The same goes for business or life in general. If you aren’t rested, healthy, and mentally clear there are going to be issues. Balance starts with getting yourself balanced and then balancing the environment around you. Find 20-minutes a day to meditate, do yoga, take a bath, go for a walk, or just sit in silence. 

4. Have an amazing team behind you. Nothing gets done on your own. Whether it’s a community that’s cheering you on, employees that are helping you through it, or a family that reminds you to come back to the present and be with them, you need a team to have your back. Make sure you have people around you that help you stay balanced and aren’t throwing you on an emotional teeter-totter. If they are, it’s time to replace them on your team.

Success isn’t about having it all. Find balance that will help you get through the craziness that is life. Find balance that will allow you to pursue your dreams while still being planted here in the present so you can care for yourself. Balance is living in the present, learning from the past, and getting excited about the future. Don’t stay in any one of these places for too long.  

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