Your Business Isn’t About You

December 7, 2020
You're Business Isn't about you

Your business has nothing to do with you.

This my friends is the hardest idea to grasp when it comes to your business. 

You spend all your time thinking about and working on your business so how can it not be about you? After all, your brand is there to sell things, so should you be talking about it? Shouldn’t what you sell and who you are, be at the front and center of your business?

The short answer– No.

Your business is about your customers. More specifically, it’s about their pain points.

This is an important distinction when it comes to your marketing and how you present your brand to the world. the message that should be at the front and center of your brand should be how you solve your customer’s problem.

Again and again, I talk with brands telling asking the questions “What is the pain point and how do you solve it?” This question applies to every single piece of marketing you’re building around any sale, a new offering, product, service, or anything else that has value.

Your customers want to be the hero of the story. Your brand is who guides them to that happily ever after. You ease their pain and make the journey to the end a little easier.

So as you build out email funnels, campaigns for sales around the holidays or develop new offerings, ask yourself “What is my customer’s pain point, and how does this solve that?” Then proceed to develop and market around that answer.  

By focusing on how you make your audience’s life easier you’ll be creating lifelong customers who will continue to come back because you get it, it’s all about them!

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