Your Wedding Band (Bride’s Edition)

February 8, 2020

The ring we often put the most thought into is our engagement ring. For good reason! Its the statement piece. Its got all the character and is the accessory we’ve been dreaming of since we were little. (or was that just me?)

When it comes to your wedding band it can often be an afterthought. Or for some not even a thought at all. So, for the bride that’s deciding on which wedding band will hold the vow of her love, these are some options to consider.

Custom Design with multiple Rings

This new trend is becoming a favorite of mine. Art Deco styled rings that spread across two bands. The design becomes perfect when the rings are worn together and you can bet that no one else will have your ring. Because these are new to the wedding scene they are usually higher in price, but the style and unique design will be something you never regret investing in. Just take a look at Sarah O’s Jewelry. I can’t get enough of her amazing designs!

Matching Wedding Band

When you go engagement ring shopping you’ll notice that most rings will come with a matching wedding band. Almost always something that is wrapped in diamonds and fits with the ring of your dreams. They were designed together, they were made for each other, just like you and your soon to be husband. Which makes this option simple, easy, and perfect for your engagement ring. The only downside is they can be a little extra pricey or they don’t fit your exact desired look.

When it came to my wedding band, I wanted something SUPER simple. I didn’t like the extra diamonds and didn’t like how thick the ring felt with them together on my finger. I’m dainty, I like things to be light and simple. That’s where these options came in.

A Relative’s Wedding Band

I never considered using a relative’s wedding band. Not because it wasn’t a brilliant idea but because it never crossed my mind. As we were knee-deep in wedding plans I mentioned to my mom I hadn’t found a wedding band I liked or that was in our budget. My grandmother had been living in assisted living for a while and her arthritis had gotten so bad she couldn’t wear rings anymore. My mother suggested I use her wedding band.

Now, after the wedding and after my grandmother’s passing, it’s become one of my most cherished possessions. It’s a simple white gold band, but she wore for 60 years in honor of the only man she ever loved. And, upon further inspection, I discovered that inside the ring it was inscribed with their initials and wedding date (11 days after ours, 60 years before). It was everything I could have wanted!

Have an Engagement Ring only

There is no rule that says you have to wear two rings. You can have your wedding vows blessed on your engagement ring and keep things simple with 1 ring. If you decide later on in life that you’d like a second ring it would make a great anniversary gift from your beloved.

Of course, your day means finding all the things that fit your personality and your love story. There is no one size fits all answer to any of your wedding or love questions. Find the answer that fits right for you two. I promise you’ll never regret making decisions that are for you. I can’t say the same thing about making decisions that will please others!